In February Cloth returns to Studio Records in Vancouver for another night of music. Playing alongside Robots and Gods, and The Jaron Chidiac band. Be sure to come out and hear some new songs from the Trio! Tickets available at Ticket Web

Cloth will be ending their live hiatus this month! For those local to Vancouver, come out to see what we've been working on. Playing with Closer, Utility Provider and The Connection @ Studio Records on Granville St. For tickets visit: Ticket Web


The guys down at Pure M Magazine were kind enough to do a review of our recently released album, more than that it seems like they rather enjoyed it!

"Taking cues from artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Rush and Opeth, the act’s sound is a fascinating fusion of rock, jazz and metal that can be felt throughout their recently released record, The Sobiet Union."

Head down to their website to read the full review!

"The Sobeit Union" is all finished up and ready for purchase! Our painstaking work has finally paid off, and we are sure that you will enjoy the results! It is available to stream, you can also purchase a physical copy or digital download from CD Baby. Head down and give it a listen!

Recording has been finished. Mixing is in it's last phase. Album artwork is finished. It's time to unveil the release date for our debut album! "The Sobeit Union" will be released on September 19th and will be available for download or in CD format! We have been working hard the past number of months and we can definitely hear the results. For those in the Calgary area, we will be having a CD release show, details to be announced. Stay tuned for some track releases in the coming month!

Just to give you all a quick update, the drums have all been recorded for the upcoming album. Unfortunately, it has resulted in a casualty count of 7 drumsticks. Do not fret, for their sacrifice has not been in vain! Rhythm guitar has also been finished, which leaves bass guitar for the next session. Things are on track for the album to drop late June/early July.

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